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Our signature for success is your project that feels good inside for you. Whether it’s making a single room more livable, creating an outstanding window treatment, renovating a dated interior, or managing the creation of a totally new home--we help guide you through the steps necessary to create rooms that greet you with a smile, and warm you with an engaging sense of delight. We invite you to view our completed design projects. 
You will find hundreds of inspirations, and understand how we design...with you, our client, in mind.

Whether it is one room, your complete home, business or office, the possibilities are infinite!

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, we'd love to hear from you.

Belle Harbor Beach Condo

We used a blended combination of contemporary style, jazzy art, and vibrant colors to complete this home for our client. 


This award-winning model brings in a

luxurious beach tone that has a contemporary

flavor with beach accents. Features include: a pop-up TV console, custom oil paintings, coral chandelier, and a floating bed canopy.

Our team was involved in re-designing and
re-branding this college town rental community. The model and clubhouse reflect a casual lifestyle for study as well as retreat.

This "enhanced home" flows with comfort and style. In each room, we focused with the view in mind. We blended light restored woods, slip covered upholstery, and rod iron to complete this home.

In designing Heron House, we created a spacious and flowing grand entrance. Utilizing the 42' high ceiling, our artists created suspended flying herons. Features include: custom blown glass, and original art.
Called to action in recreating Bausch and Lomb's grand entrance gave us the opportunity to design a stunning flowing

entrance, along with transforming the "lunch room" to a "Coffee Shop Café".

Suburban home with a mix of modern accents, and deep rich woods. This home embodies a natural compliment to flowing space and function.

A beautiful blend of colors grace this home, enhancing all views. The blend of contemporary lines with soft beach accents brings drama, luxury, and fun this this home.

Features: custom shell art window treatments.

Relax, refresh and retreat! Our designers created this "second home" condo in Seminole with intentions of color, accents, and causal lifestyle for comfort.

Beautiful views are graced with custom window treatments and luxurious accents, with a contemporary style.

Causal Luxury, Today's Traditional or Splashes of Color.... Our wide variety of styles are featured in this gallery.

Sarasota condo that gives "wow" to earth tones and vibrant skies. We used the colors our client delights in, with Florida style furniture.

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Existing upcoming event: Auction for the Cause

An online auction featuring new and established art from our local artisans.

Commercial Design Projects

How you express your business to your clients is an important part of your business and marketing strategy. Our business clients  compliment our design by verifying the results of their success.

"It is a pleasure and inspiration to work with the design team! We moved to Florida with no direction and total confusion- as we downsized from a 4000 square foot home to a 3 bedroom condo. My praises  are endless for the husband and wife team!  Ron with his meticulous detail driven mind on function and technology and Marya with her wisdom, caring and magical creativity! The whole team was awesome! We purchased all of our furnishings and window treatments, except for the "father-in-law" eye sore desk, my wife had to keep. Not only did Marya come up with a place for it, she made it into a feature in our home and now I love it!

This is the husband writing. Thank you.

                                 _ Michael DeGregrio - former NY Resident

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