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The definition of inspiration: an animating action of influence, in the spirit.

For design inspirations, ideas, and viewing the newest home fashions, we have created DESIGN IN THE NEWS, 
a place to view our latest design projects, "what's new in the design world," and resources to help you in staying inspired.

Be inspired!

Casual Luxury and American Pie!

Using a blend of our client's own furniture, new casual and comfortable upholstered pieces, luxurious area rugs,  fun accent pieces and brilliant red, white and blue's;

Our mission accomplished!  This Florida home has a feeling of relaxed and fun, while carrying it's own signature style. We used hints of color throughout the main areas while giving the family room bright and intense hues that "pop" with a "Wow" feeling.

The original Art's and Crafts furniture has an updated feeling of casual and comfortable. We loved using our client's favorite pieces and adding custom throw pillows to pull it together. This home was transformed into a welcoming and relaxed setting that brings in a flavor of Americana at it's best.

Furnishings : Lexington, Riverside, Surya Rug, Chandra, Uttermost,

Custom pieces: draperies, bedding, art

Staff Designers: Marya Flurnoy,  Ron Flurnoy, Deb Hibbs

Photo Credit: Mike DiBari

NEW Introductions:
•Weiman Upholstered Chair
•Interlude Console
Kim Seybert Table Settings
•David and Dash Fabrics

Creative Design Team in the NEWS
Our new location: 321 N. Indian Rocks Rd.

Luxurious, Elegant, and Comfortable 
     The window treatments were the perfect finishing touches needed for this master bedroom, to soften the room while keeping its elegant and luxurious feeling. The spectacular view is enhanced with motorized Silhouette shades, allowing for light control and beauty. The layered cornice is one of our custom signature designs. We used Wesco Fabric Collection in Orchid, complimenting the champagne walls and bedding. 

Our cornices are making


Interior design is constantly reinventing itself. Like fashion: it comes, it goes, and it comes back. And when a style, a color or a technique is done for the first time (at least that we know of) -- it makes a wave. Literally.

Because of the nature of Florida design, designers are always trying to come up with something new and refreshing that will bring a sense of "theme" to the interiors. We like to show off our beautiful views of sand, sky, and waters. We want focus to be on the sunset. And a reason way most Floridians move here: to enjoy the beaches. And those fortunate enough to have it in there own back yard, are blessed to enjoy it!

I came up with the original "Wave Cornice", when we were assigned to create a baby's room with an underwater theme... (continue here)

August 5, 2015 - For Inspiration

          Inspiration comes to us in many ways.  In starting an interior design project for a client, I look to create the vision of their dream space. After our interview process, I like to take the time to reflect in a park or the beach and come up with inspirations for their project. I find that taking the time and observing what is around me, shapes, how colors flow and looking at the bigger picture of where I am at in nature, brings inspiration instantly. When you are starting a design or decorating project, take time to just sit in nature. Not only is the fresh air great for your completion, giving yourself time to "just sit", observe, and listen brings forth a clearing of the mind. That's when inspiration comes in an easy and effortless way. 

Be inspired! Be in your spirit!

July 10, 2015 - New Projects

Creative Design Team recently brought in the Glam,

at Sydney & Company in Belleair Bluffs.

White leather seating, string curtains, rhinestones, purple passion paint, mirrored furniture and glamorous window toppers. Sidney & Company recently moved from West Bay Drive to N. Indian Rocks Road, next to CDT's Studio.

What better celebration for their "New Beginnings"  then to have the design firm next door, to super beautify their space! 

The before scenery of the space was grey walls, dark brown seating with blue accent's. Recently completed,  Marya from CDT, used her magic adding the Bling to the Glam!  Using mirrored furnishings and adding rhinestone embellishments, white feathers and black accents;  the transformation is uplifting, bright and carefree. The design intention was to create a salon where clients could feel comfortable, special and glamorous while being pampered.  Mission accomplished! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  _Pam Alexander CDT               

Happy 4th of July!

Join us for the 4th of July Picnic at the Belleair Bluff's Town Hall.

12 to 2

Door Prizes, Goodie Bags for all, Hamburger's , Hot dog's, Pie and desert.

This year CDT is donating Design Gift card, weekend get-a way at Camelot and a HUGE door panel mirror. Opportunity tickets for the items support Shepard's Village and Suncoast performing Art's Foundation.    It's a lovely and fun event and still gives you time to see the fireworks in the evening!

                                                                Happy Birthday America!


June 16, 2015  "Enhance the Space" - Marya

"True to Blue"